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*The Florida School Music Association is an association of member schools (public, non-public, home-school organizations) which regulates and monitors the activities of its component music associations: the Florida Bandmasters Association, the Florida Orchestra Association, and the Florida Vocal Association.

FSMA is a not-for-profit association of members that coordinates and oversees recognized interscholastic music activities in the state of Florida.  The association recognizes the Florida Bandmasters Association, the Florida Orchestra Association, and the Florida Vocal Association to sponsor district and state Music Performance Assessments for bands, orchestras, and choruses in Florida high schools, junior high schools, and middle schools.

FSMA membership is required for schools that wish to participate in state recognized interscholastic music activities, which include music performance assessments for large ensembles and for solo-ensemble events. See the Join or Renew page for more information.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Florida School Music Association is to provide leadership, advocacy, and services for school music programs in support of quality music education experiences for students.


  1. Provide oversight to ensure Music Performance Assessments shall be of the highest quality in the nation by continual evaluating for quality and improvement.
  2. Cultivate excellence in Florida music programs for all students.
  3. Provide models and tools to identify examples of best practice in music programs. Recognized as being exemplary models by the Florida School Music Association.
  4. Provide guidelines for adequate performance facilities for the Music Performance events sponsored by the FSMA.
  5. Inspire advocacy with All stakeholders.


  • The membership of the Florida School Music Association believes that music allows us to celebrate and preserve our national and historical heritages, and also to explore the realms of expression, imagination, and creation resulting in new knowledge. There, every individual should be guaranteed the opportunity to learn and share in music experience.
  • As its guiding principle, the FSMA further believes that music holds a unique place in human existence and touches our lives in ways that no other experience can.
  • We believe that because of its special qualities, music is clearly justified in assuming a prominent role in the school curriculum, both as an academic and an artistic discipline, yet the study and learning of music is enhanced by student participation in various activities and experiences that take place outside, or as an extension of the normal school day.
  • The FSMA provides opportunities for realistic and constructive program evaluation through the sponsorship of solo-ensemble and large group music performance assessments.