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For any secondary student to be eligible to participate in Florida interscholastic music activities such as FSMA sanctioned Music Performance Assessments (MPAs) they must be enrolled/registered at a public school, private school, public charter school, home education music cooperative, or virtual school that is a member of FSMA. In addition, the student must be a regularly participating member in the appropriate middle school or high school performing ensemble (band, chorus, orchestra, or guitar ensemble) from that FSMA member school.

A home-education student must either be a regularly participating member in an ensemble listed above or enrolled/registered at a home education music cooperative. In addition, the student must be a regular participating member of an ensemble equivalent to the above in the music cooperative.

Home Education Cooperatives must complete and return the following forms

StudentLists: if you have more than 5 students listed in the Application for Home Education Music Cooperative above, they should also be copied and pasted into the following excel sheets and emailed to

Home Educated Students' Parent/Guardian must complete the following forms and return them to the director of the co-op.

*Students who attend a private school that does not offer any music program or music classes are eligible to participate with a registered homeschool co-op upon completing this form. 

All forms must be sent to the FSMA office. We prefer that the co-op director collect the student forms and send them all in one package to the FSMA office. 


Home education students interested in auditioning for a Florida All-State Ensemble must also complete the FMEA Registration Form for Home Education Students on the FMEA All-State Page.